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PMMA/ABS sheet
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  • Tickness: 0.5MM-7MM
    Dimesion: maximum width: 2200MM
    Material: PMMA and ABS
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    • PMMA/ABS sheet
    • PMMA/ABS sheet
    • PMMA/ABS sheet
    • PMMA/ABS sheet
    • PMMA/ABS sheet
Product Detail:

Essential information:

Tickness: 0.5MM-7MM

Dimesion: maximum width: 2200MM

Material: PMMA and ABS

Colour: mass production according to customer demand

Surface treatment: high gloss, emboss, texture

package: dampproof film+ kraft+pallet

property: there is high gloss in surface like a mirror and keep the luster for a long time. Various beautiful colours, persistent and not fade, antibiosis, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, water-proof, meet the requirement of enviroment protection, convinent to cut, not crack.

Application: sanitary wares, bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom walls, advertising buildings, etc.

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